In life, and especially in the workplace we have got to learn to
stop taking things personally, blowing things out of proportion and
making mountains out of molehills. Many of us know and have
the experience of this kind of thing happening. Perhaps your
manager calls you into their office to talk about some little area of
your job that could be improved. And what happens? Your mind
and your internal dialogue starts spinning slowly at first, it is
saying things like I’m no use at X! Then gradually speeding up it
says that if I’m no use at X then what else am I useless at! In fact,
I’m really really bad at my job and faster still it spins , if I am a
failure at work, then what else am I useless at? Maybe my whole
life is just full of failures and I just haven’t noticed it yet. I
remember my teacher at school, saying that I would never amount
to anything. And so faster and faster your mind and your internal
dialogue keeps spinning like a fan spinning out of control.
Then we walk around the office and you know what offices are
like there are is always some shit getting thrown around. And now
that we think that it is all about us. So what do we do? We stand in
front of every little piece of shit that is being thrown around and
splatter it all over the room.
And then perhaps we come home and find somebody a partner,
parents or children to take our frustrations out on. Why does this
happen? Because we have turned on our fan then allowed it to
speed up faster and faster, and then stood in front of every little
piece of shit that has been thrown.
And this is how the shit really does hit the fan!