Covid 19 Uncertaintity
The covid 19 outbreak has left many of us feeling extremely
anxious. Simple things that we used to take for granted have now
become anxiety provoking situations. As an example, on a trip to
Edinburgh recently I was waiting at a bus stop when a group of
teenagers without masks got on the bus in front of me. I was left
with a dilemma. Do I get on the bus take the risk and feel anxious
about the situation or do I wait half an hour for another bus to
come along.
Things that we didn’t have to consider in the past like a trip to the
supermarket and a walk along the high Street. Now present the
potential for anxiety and conflict. We feel that we can lock
ourselves away from society forever, but every time we venture
out into the world anxiety comes knocking at our door.
There is also the changing workplace situation with many, many
more of us now working from home. While on the surface, this
seems to have many advantages. There are also huge
disadvantages in this situation. Perhaps we don’t have a suitable
workstation, which can cause us to feel physically tense. We could
have young children, causing a distraction and disturbing our
focus and our ability to get into any kind of flow or routine with
our work.
Many communications are now being made by email or telephone
conversations rather than face-to-face and this leads to the
inevitable consequence of miscommunication and
misunderstanding. We can also miss the contact with fellow
workers and the support, that can give is all. Now I’m not saying
that employers and workplaces aren’t thinking about addressing
these issues, but it’s certainly not top of their agenda.
The feeling of being alone and it’s me against the world is
something that many of us are feeling more often. Without an end
to the pandemic in sight. We need to find creative and insightful
ways of dealing with these difficulties. Perhaps creating a
gratitude diary and writing out a few things you’re grateful for
every morning and every evening. You could develop your own
support network by phoning friends, family, during your break
time. I can tell you that you’re not alone and that there are many
people feeling this way, or even worse, but that really doesn’t
make feel any better.
We have all been thrown into this situation of uncertainty of being
uncomfortable. It’s not one we are familiar with and we have to
find ways to cope with it and deal with it the best we can.
The good news is this pandemic won’t last forever and perhaps we
can come out the other end feeling stronger and more resilient and
more ready to deal with uncertainty in the future.